• How do I consult about my nutritional problem to gurugizi.com? 

You should directly send us a message on contact menu. By telling your problem, we can start our first consultation. We will provide you a baseline questionnaire then a follow up assessment.

  • Do we have to meet personally with your health care professional?

It is not necessary. Gurugizi is a technology-based nutrition course and consulting. Thus we use online method to make it easier. Less time for travel, more money can be save.

  • Could you tell me about the payment method?

The first consultation is free. You do not have to be worry regarding the fee because it is not as expensive as your fashion budget.

  • What is course?

The course is an online-based learning system that provide various topic about (but not limited to): life-cycle nutrition; diet and disease; food and nutrition science. Our website is still under-construction, we do apologise for any inconvenience.