Sport Nutrition

Being physically active is a part of healthy lifestyle that lead to a healthier life. However, sport and exercise is not enough. Human body needs proper nutrition to enhance the stamina.

If you are an athlete, an athlete to be, or those who love doing sport, you have to understand how nutrition influence your performance. Very active people mean that their daily intake is much different with the less active people.

We have a program that can help you maintain your nutritional status, thus lead to a better performance and win the medal!

Program details:

  • The duration of the program is 1 month with 4 sessions of online consultation/live chat 60 minutes each. You also have an unlimited offline chat
  • You can choose our consultants based on their available schedules
  • You will get personalised coaching with the topic ranged from but no limited to:
    • calorie need analysis including macronutrient and micronutrient intake depend on the type of sport
    • meal planning before, during and after exercise/competition
    • weight management
    • explanation of sport physiology and sport medicine
    • explanation of the usage of supplement and other ergogenic substances
    • myth and fact of diet
    • sport therapy
    • troubleshoot concern with performance (injuries, fatigue, hydration, gastrointestinal discomfort)
    • analysis of nutritional need for athlete who has special dietary needs such as vegetarian


Rp 2.250.000

  • a lifetime membership
  • unlimited chat and support
  • intensive live consultation
  • certificate
  • merchandise