Nutri-preneurship program is designed specifically for a food-based entrepreneurship. Small scale businesses are growing fast yet there are lack of standards, such as:

  • no nutrition fact in the packaging
  • low good manufacturing standard
  • limited information of food additives
  • no expire date
  • limited information of food packaging

The problems above cause small-scale business can not compete with the food industry.

Here we are can help you to solve your business problem!


Program Detail:

  • The duration of the program is 1 month with 4 sessions of online consultation/live chat 60 minutes each. You also have an unlimited offline chat
  • You can choose our consultants based on their available schedules
  • You will get personalised coaching with the topic ranged from but no limited to:
    • Nutrition fact calculation
    • Food additives
    • Food allergy
    • Expire date analysis
    • Food packaging advice
    • Food labelling
    •  Good Manufacturing practice
    • Hazard Analytical and Critical Control Point
    • Food ingredients


Rp 1.950.000

  • a lifetime membership
  • unlimited chat and support
  • intensive live consultation
  • certificate
  • merchandise