Disease Management

Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, respiratory disease and cancer can be managed by a healthy lifestyle and diet. Furthermore, It is also important to consider health maintenance as a potential action for reducing the likelihood and occurrence of such diseases. 

We offer a program that can help you manage your diseases and also prevent it as early as possible!

non communicable diseases

Program Details:

  • The duration of the program is 1 month with 4 sessions of online consultation/live chat 60 minutes each. You also have an unlimited offline chat
  • You can choose our consultants based on their available schedules
  • You will get personalised coaching with the topic ranged from but no limited to:
    • Analysis of client’s disease
    • Explanation of risk factor of client’s disease
    • Effect of lifestyle and nutrition on client’s disease
    • Food diary analysis
    • Sport and exercise
    • Meal planning program
    • Food labelling interpretation
    • Shopping analysis
    • Drug and supplemetation advice
    • many more


Rp. 1.980.000

  • a lifetime membership
  • unlimited chat and support
  • intensive live consultation
  • personalised nutrition plan
  • check-up reminder
  • certificate
  • merchandise

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