About Us

gurugizi.com at a Glance

Our company is developed due to the increasing number of people suffering from non-communicable diseases, such as obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The risk factors of such diseases can be prevented by changing unhealthy lifestyle and bad dietary habit into the more healthier ones.

The concept of Guru in Gurugizi means that we are a team of health care professionals and other related occupation who deliver our knowledge about Gizi (Nutrition) to prevent and overcome the nutritional problems. The consultation programs are designed based on the personalised nutrition approach, so you will be guided intensively by our team. It is easily accessible with just few clicks!   


Helping people to live healthily through education and consultation  


  • Conducting a personalised nutrition consultation using behavioural change techniques
  • Motivating people to have a healthy lifestyle and dietary habit through the interventions
  • Providing reliable information regarding nutritional issue on scientific research
  • Establishing a nutrition awareness community through the gurugizi.com site
  • Collaborating with the health care professionals and intensifying a cooperative work